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    Mainland Golf League

Mainland Golf League Rules

Day: Practice Rounds: April 20th& 27 TH, 2018
Season: Tuesday May 1st, 2018 to September 25th, 2018
Playoffs: September 18th, 2017 to TBD

Time: Start @ 4:30 to 6:00 PM
Tees: Men- White Tees Men 62+- Gold Tees Ladies- Red Tees
Dues: $70 ($35 for USGA Handicap & $25 for socials, $10 for prize pool)

Are due by May 15th, 2018 (CASH ONLY)

Rates: $24 (ride) $16 (walk) {league scores 9-holes, you can play until 15}


Modified Stableford- Stableford scoring systems are stroke-play formats in which the high total wins, not the low. That's because in Stableford, your final score is not your stroke total, but rather the total points you have earned for your scores on each individual hole.

Modified Stableford Point System

  • Dbl. Eagle- 12 Eagle- 8
  • Birdie- 4 Par- 2
  • Bogey- 1 Dbl. Bogey +- 0

Points will be added up each week after the 9-hole round is completed. The week total will go toward your end of the year total Accumulation of points. Top 16/32 players will make the playoffs (depending on league size).

Playoff Format- Match Play


USGA GHIN Handicap applies. Each individual’s will get 60% of their 18 hole GHIN Index and then divided in half to receive the proper nine-hole handicap. For example: a 10 handicap will get 6 for the 60% and half of that for the nine-hole handicap and will receive 3 strokes toward their score) This means they will get a stroke on the 3 hardest handicap holes, therefore a bogey can turn into a par, etc.

Handicap Max- 36 (18-hole handicap)

Local Rules

  • If Tuesday is rained out and canceled by decision of the committee the week will become null and void, no make ups.
  • Lift clean and place through the green. (AKA: Play the ball up)
  • Lift clean and rake in the bunkers and free relief of standing/ puddled water in bunker no closer to the hole outside the bunker.
  • High grass will be played as lateral hazard if ball is not found, can be played with no penalty from the high grass. Stroke for a drop if not found.


SKATS- $2 per week (Handicap counts toward SKAT)

Closest to the Pin- $2 per week

*Both items are completely volunteer, just sign up if you’re in!*


Each week there will not be a set schedule of individuals to play with. Due to the variety of individual schedules please show up and pair off in groups as we all arrive. You need at least a twosome so there is a signature to attest your scorecard.


Scorecards will be double checked by the rules committee. All scorecards must be attested and signed by each player. All scorecards go in the appropriately cigar box in the pro shop. Please write first initial and last name with date. The players are responsible for posting his/ her score for handicap and point deduction will occur after the first warning.


League set up does not require attendance every week so a missed week will just hurt the individual’s end of the year score. Make-up rounds are possible if complete by the Friday the week of with an attesting league member. We also drop our 2 lowest scoring weeks to accommodate vacations and missed weeks (2 weeks prior to playoffs).


The goal of the league is to create a fun and competitive social atmosphere that focuses on the enjoyment of the great game of golf. We are all out here to have fun, let’s please not forget that.